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1 USD = 106 JPY

What is YokoMarket?
YokoMarket is a shopping service. It helps you to buy from online Japanese shops and auctions. 

Why use YokoMarket?
YokoMarket will take care of any of your problems when buying things from Japan.
You save money when you buy through YokoMarket. 

We have served many customers who are almost unanimously very satisfied with our services.

Safe packaging
If your products are not properly packed for international shipping when they come to us, we will do everything necessary in their repacking. This is a free service.

Customer support
Our support staff work 6 days a week help you with all of your queries.

Photographs of your purchases
Before we ship your goods to an international destination, we can take photographs of the items to prove the condition. This additional but optional service costs 500 Yen. You can select this service when placing the order.

All prices of goods, services, shipping are clearly recorded so that you have no doubts about how your money was spent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does YokoMarket offer?
YokoMarket helps you to shop at Japanese online stores. We pick up your items locally, pack them properly and then ship them to you. We charge 300 Yen or 3 USD per item as our service fee.

2. Why use YokoMarket?
Some online Japanese stores do not ship to international destinations. Some people shop by themselves, but find it cheaper to shop through us because if they buy from several shops, the individual packaging costs more. We combine your packages and ship them anywhere in the world. This makes for big cost reductions.

3. What is the total cost of delivering an item?
Every order has its own special variation. We use different shipping services to service different countries. As soon as you order something, choose your payment and shipping options, we can give you an estimate.

4. Have you got a mail forwarding service?
We don't need one! Our shipping services are cheaper than forwarding services.

5. What is the currency exchange rate?
Exchange rates change all of the time. Please contact your bank to check on exchange rates at any given time. Our prices are all quoted in Japanese Yen. You can pay in any currency that you bank will exchange to Yen.

6. What is Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions?
It is the biggest online auction in Japan. You will be amazed to know that over 5 million items are sold every day. Auction 'attendees' are both private individuals and companies. There is always something for everybody and every budget!

7. What should I consider before 'attending' an auction?
Choose an item and fix a budget for it. Remember that there are some hidden costs involved like shipping within Japan and bank transfer fees.

8. How do I place a bid?
Use our search facility to locate the item that you want. You can make a bid from the page of the item or by topping up your personal account to your maximum bid amount.
Let's say that you make a maximum bid of 1000 Yen. The current price will go up in steps of 100 Yen until, either you win the auction or your 1000 Yen bid is exceeded. The system automatically participates for you. Note that in the Yahoo! Auctions, if a higher bid is made at the last moment of the auction, (a sniper bid) the auction is extended for a further 10 minutes.

9. How can I check the domestic shipping fee?
The fees will depend upon the location of the item, weight and size and mode of shipping. Shipping fees within Japan are not usually mentioned because it is impossible for a seller to predict in advance where an item may be shipped to. So shipping costs are usually determined after a purchase is made. It is well worth noting that some sellers ship from countries outside Japan and that when this happens, costs can double.

10. What other costs might I incur?
Sometimes an 8% 'Consumption Tax' might be levied. Usually when this happens, you are told about it in the description of the item.
If you buy an oversized item, you may be charged extra for packaging fees. This is normally mentioned in the description of the item, but at times it is only mentioned after the purchase.

11. Can I cancel my bid?
According to the rules of Yahoo! Auctions, this is a definite NO! Not under any circumstances! So, carefully consider the matter of bidding in a responsible manner.

12. May I refuse to buy an item after I won the auction?
If you won the auction, YokoMarket will not consider any refunds. Yahoo! Auction rules state that 'no returns are acceptable except in some cases such as when an item was described as new, but was in fact used.

13. What are the terms of free storage at your warehouse?
Your items can stay at our warehouse free of charge for 45 days from the day they arrived at the warehouse. After that, 50 Yen per item per day will be levied. The maximum storage time allowed is 3 months.

14. What items are prohibited to be purchased on Yahoo! Auctions?
As in any market, there are honest and dishonest sellers in Yahoo! Auctions. Not only goods are available, but services as well. Be sure that what you are bidding on is what you really want. For example, you may think after seeing a picture of a television wall mounting, that the television shown on the mounting is included. How disappointed you will be! To avoid disappointment, check out all details, prices, number of bids and seller feedback. Check very carefully when the price of an item seems 'too good to be true'!
You cannot buy the following through YokoMarket on Yahoo! Auctions:
Goods that cannot be shipped within Japan. Some sellers insist on picking items up at their location. Any kind of service.
Goods prohibited by law such as drugs and firearms.
Items that the postal service forbids such as spray cans, perfume, nail polish, plants and seeds, animals or oversized items.

Have we answered all of your questions?
If not, please contact us and we will give you an answer to any question that you have.